MYLYN Asia: A Famous Restaurant in Baden to Enjoy Delicious Thai Dishes 

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You won't run out of possibilities too often if you have access to a large stockpile of spices and a wide variety of ingredients.  

Our Menu selections were deliberated over for quite some time. Soothe your monotonous days with delicious new experiences that will have you falling in love in no time. Make each and every meal an exciting adventure. Put In Your Order Right This Minute! 

Where We Come From? 

The MYLYN Asia Restaurant masterfully combines a welcoming atmosphere withdelicious Asian cuisine. Keep that in mind as you weigh your options for Thai dining. Come back and rediscover our Thai cuisine, which retains classic flavours while improving upon them via innovative techniques.  

Get going on your adventure to each meal that looks excellent and impresses because of the well-balanced flavours it contains. You'll also learn what sets Everett's genuine Thai cuisine apart. 

MYLYN Asia Restaurant's dishes are authentic in flavour and presentation. Our authentic Thai cuisine comes straight from Bangkok. Take pleasure in the fact that our dishes highlight the flavours and aromas of fresh, local ingredients.  

The heat level of the cooking and serving of these is moderate. However, if you want a spicier dish, you have the final say. 

What is best about our menu? 

All of the meals on the menu are prepared in-house by our team of Thai chefs utilising ingredients and spices sourced directly from restaurant in dernähe. We have Thai chefs whohave spent years cooking in the finest Thai restaurants in the world and who will prepare your meal according to your specifications. 

Our mission is to introduce you to the genuine flavour of Thai cuisine that we have come to love, using only the finest local ingredients and showcasing the warm hospitality of the Thai people. Since we want our food to be accessible to as many people as possible, we do our best to only use the freshest,
highest-quality Thai products and to keep our costs modest.  

The dishes at Thairestaurant baden badenare vibrant, flavorful, and MSG-free. Our kitchen takesgreat care in preparing each dish so that you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. Both our restaurants and our catering service are available to you for your convenience. 

To place an order, visit us right now 

It's a common misconception that Thai food is extremely hot, yet any meal may be prepared without or with as much heat as you like. Thai cuisine is known for its excellent balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours.  

A variety of herbs and spices, including basil, lime leaf, galanga, curry powder, and the tangy flavours of lime juice, tamarind, and lemon grass, contribute to the dish's delicious flavour.  

Vegetables are quickly stir-fried. Everything on our menu restaurant badenbaden is prepared fresh when you order it. You'll have agreat time at dinner thanks to all of this, plus the skill and experience of our chefs and the warmth of our service team. 

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