The Mind Set of Women with Matted Tangled Hair Knots can lead to Depression 

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Hair is the source of natural beauty and makes the person look attractive and cool. Hair is one of the most important things which has a central role in the appearance of a man. The appearance of looking cool and attractive boosts confidence and makes the person face public places and gathering having full courage and confidence. People who lose their natural hair and become bald can also restore their natural look and can get their natural look back through transplant procedures. There are many transplant procedures which enable the man to have their natural look back including the Follicular Unit Transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction, Laser, Robotic, Neo-graft, ARTAS and other procedures make the persons their natural look as before shedding.


Those fortunate persons who have their natural hair on their scalp should takeroutine care of them. Still, some people, unfortunately, get their hair tangled especiallyfemales. This is a very uneasy condition for the person. Females usually tie some knots in their hair and twist them to make new and unique designs for having a different look than usual but matted one is a different kind of situation. The mat occurs when there are repeated twists around the attached strands. There is also difficulty in removing the tangled spots.

There are different reasonsfor this unwanted matting, the most important one is not giving proper care and attention. If you do not regularly use a comb then you are most likely to face the above-mentioned situation. Similarly, if you like the different textures of hair types like curls and coils, then you have a higher chance of matting.


Although tangled and matted hair is one of the most undesired able problems, yet thebeginning of the noticing the problem To date, the state of healthcare, educationacademia, cosmetology, and disciplines such as medicine and psychologyhave paid far too little attention to the social,cultural, and health concerns of the women affected byseverely tangled matted hair. The solution to the problem is just to take care andnot have this particular problem. But if you have got this problem, then you can still manage it. The most important thing you need to do is not to worry about it as this may lead to depression. There are many methods to manage this situation. First of all, you need to finger-comb and then use a comb so that minimum damage can occur. The next step is to moisturize them with a gel or conditioner or oil. Then start combing gently and start loosening them. In the end, the point starts to detangle the knot. Finally, you need to rinse the head with cold water.

To prevent matting, youshould comb regularly and use detangling products. Having tangled-free hair will keep you mentally free and makes you to feels life with pleasure and tension free.

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